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Your Minister & Wedding Vows


The words that join your lives together in marriage is a very important and personal decision. As the wedding day draws near, couples may find themselves wondering – and worrying – about what their wedding officiant will actually be saying during their ceremony.


To take the mystery out of what will be said by your wedding minister, and to ensure that the words chosen reflect your unique personality and style, couples may choose from our library of custom-written wedding Vows & Ceremonies. It is your day and your wedding ceremony should be exactly the way that you want it. You can even write your own vows!


Your San Diego Wedding Officiant

All of our seaside beach wedding packages include the minister services of Rev. Grant or Rev. Renate Daversa. Caring and experienced, we are non-denominational ordained wedding ministers, licensed to legally perform wedding ceremonies in the State of California.


We welcome and accept all faiths and beliefs, and are comfortable in both religious and non-religious settings. We are always respectful the wishes of our couples and are non-judgemental, open-minded, flexible and fun!


We are always there for you through every stage of the planning, right up to the wedding day. And we do not hire out other officiants... you can be sure that either Grant or Renate will be serving as your San Diego wedding celebrant!


We both possess a strong background in public speaking and performance, and are organized, well-spoken and personable... all skills that lend themselves well to serving as your wedding officiant and marriage minister.


Renate received her Bachelor's degree in Psychology from the University of Rhode Island and Grant has a Bachelor's degree in Speech Communications from Long Beach State.


We Are Happily Married Business Partners and Best Friends! We have found that this helps us immensely in performing your wedding ceremony in a sincere, warm and heartfelt manner. We really do know what true love is and are most honored to have the opportunity to share in one of the most special days of your lives!


We have performed short and sweet civil ceremonies, serious religious ceremonies, interfaith weddings, family unity sand ceremony, Hawaiian ceremonies and Celtic handfastings, and of course, the most popular... a romantic, heartfelt ceremony that reflects your love and personality with a touch of spirituality, grace and humor!


You Can Even Bring Your Own Minister!

Your wedding ceremony is a very personal moment and we understand that couples may prefer to have their wedding ceremony performed by their own pastor or minister.


To help couples feel as comfortable as possible, you are always welcome to bring their own pastor or minister!

Your Wedding Ceremony... Your Way

We want each of our couples to feel comfortable, confident and relaxed on their wedding day. It is your big day and the focus should be on the two of you!


To ensure that couples know exactly what to expect, we offer a unique option that allows couples to choose their wedding ceremony from our selection of custom-written wedding ceremony scripts at our sister site San Diego Wedding Officiant.


You Can Even Write Your Own Vows! Your wedding vows are the special words that express your love for each other. We don't have any specific requirements on what needs to be said during the vow exchange, so be creative and have fun!


The average ceremony runs about 15-20 minutes, but actual length will be dependent on what ceremony you choose from our library, and what you would like to include. Couples can include readings done by friends or family members, or special acts of celebration like the Sand Ceremony or Rose Exchange.


Our wardrobe when officiating varies, depending on the location and weather, however we always dress neatly and conservatively so as not to detract from the two of you. We do not wear ceremonial robes, albs or other religious clothing and make every effort to adjust our wardrobe, as needed.


Everything We Do Is Exactly Like A Real Wedding! Even our smallest Elope in San Diego package allows the Bride to hide from her groom. Couples can have bridesmaids and groomsmen, and you can even have your Father walk you down the aisle. We even include a processional plan, photography and arrival schedule to ensure your wedding ceremony runs smoothly!


Professional, patient and sensitive, we have years of officiating experience and are familiar with many cultural wedding traditions, including handfastings, veil & cord, unity coin and lasso ceremony. We understand and respect the unique dynamics of each and every wedding ceremony.


You can see more photos of Rev. Renate Anne and Rev. Grant, as well as stellar testimonials at San Diego Wedding Officiant.


Have questions or just want to chat about the Big Day? Call or text Ren at (619) 252-9970 or email us at for more details!

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