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Blessing Stones for San Diego Beach Wedding
Blessing Shells Ceremony for San Diego Beach Wedding

Blessing Stones / Blessing Shells


The Blessing Stones and Blessing Shells is a unique unity ceremony where friends and family can participate in your San Diego wedding ceremony and is an option in our Full-Service Wedding Packages.


With this unique unity ceremony, a small polished stone or seashell is placed on each chair before the ceremony. Each stone / shell represents an individual, personal well-wish for you both on your new adventure!


Just before your Minister pronounces you as a married couple, he/she will invite your guests to make a wish on their stone / shell and place it in the "Bowl of Blessings" after the ceremony... and the hand-decorated "blessings" jar will serve as a lasting reminder of your wedding day!

"Ladies and Gentlemen, you may be wondering why you have been holding a (stone / shell) in your hand during this ceremony. The couple have chosen these (stones / shells) you are now holding in your hands as symbols of your individual blessings to them and their beautiful family. The (stones / shells) will serve as a lasting reminder of the magic and love that you share with them today.


As you hold your blessing (stone / shell) let us each in our own way, reflect and offer our wishes to this couple for love, happiness and unity. Following the ceremony, we invite you to place your (stone / shell) into the Bowl of Blessings with your personal blessing to them for a long life filled with love, laughter and happiness!"

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