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Choosing Your Wedding Location


Choosing the location where your wedding ceremony will be held can be a daunting task for the newly engaged couple. The date you choose, the number of guests, and your priority list will determine which areas are suitable and available. Before contacting us, consider a few things...

Harbor Island Park Beach Wedding in San Diego
Choosing the Date

The date that you choose for your wedding celebration is very important when checking on availability of permits, best locations, and availability of our services. If possible, choose a few different dates. This will give us the best chance of securing permits for your desired dates and location, and to confirm availability of our wedding services.

Coronado Beach Wedding Arch with Live Flowers
Your Guest List

All San Diego beaches, cliffs and parks have occupancy limits which determine availability and permit fees for the wedding location, so having an idea of how many guests you are inviting (and expecting) will make finding the perfect wedding location easier.

Coronado Beach Sunset Wedding
Your Priorities

Is privacy most important to you? Perhaps easy access and parking for guests is your main concern? Do you prefer a grassy park with a view of the bay or city skyline, or your toes in the sand on a beach with the waves of the Pacific Ocean? Are photo opps your main focus? Morning or evening wedding? Weather and temperature preference? Proximity to your reception venue?


Determining your priorities will help us determine the best location, date and time of day for your wedding ceremony.

Toes in the Sand Beach Weddings in San Diego, Coronado and La Jolla
Toes in the Sand... Or?

Although a toes in the sand wedding sounds romantic, it can be a difficult experience for disabled or elderly guests.


A grassy park on the water or cliffside may be a better choice for your San Diego "beach" wedding if any of your guests face mobility challenges.


And, the seaside parks and the cliffs will always be less busy, with easier parking and access for your guests.

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