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kukui nut lei for San Diego beach wedding

Kukui Nut Lei


Our easy, breezy San Diego beach weddings and seaside elopements include your choice of fresh flower boutonniere for the Groom and his guys... OR the traditional Hawaiian kukui nut lei.


If the men at your San Diego beach wedding or barefoot beach elopement are wearing Tommy Bahama-style linen shirts, the kukui nut lei will add a tropical, beachy flair and won't weigh their shirts down like a boutonniere.


The Kukui or "Candlenut Tree" is the state tree of Hawaii. The tree represents spiritual meanings of light, hope, and renewal. Traditionally, the kukui nut lei was worn by royalty, ministers, hula dancers and island leaders for protection and symbolizes enlightenment, serenity and peace.

To wear a 'kukui ano ano' or kukui nut lei, is to wear a lei of light. Kukui nuts were the first prayer beads for the Hawaiian people and can be filled with your own "Mana" or spiritual energy. These natural necklaces become more beautiful over time and make a unique wedding day keepsake!

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