Beautiful Bridal Bouquets


Your Bridal Bouquet is a once-in-a-lifetime accessory and one of the most important elements of your ensemble. With a myriad of colors, styles, sizes and shapes to choose from, your bridal bouquet makes a unique, personal statement. Roses, daisies and orchids... hydrangea, peonies and tulips... simple, classic or bling. Let us create something special... just for you!

loose vintage bouquet

Sugar Black Rose

Ocean Blue

Blushing Pink & Crystals


Sunshine Dahlia


White Mini Calla ("real touch" flowers may be used in this design)


Cascading Orchids

(requires $100 upgrade)


Blue Ice

Rings of Saturn

Classic Rose & Crystals

Hot Pink Gerbera

Blue Desert

(requires $50 upgrade)

Ice Cream Sherbet

Spray Bouquet

Green Cymbidium Orchids

(requires $50 upgrade)

Seashell & Starfish


Vintage Sage

Lavender Sachet

Cascading Callas ("real touch" flowers may be used in this design)

(requires $100 upgrade)

Desert Rose

Red, Red Rose

Pink Peony

avail in may/june only

Lemon Meringue

Pink & Ivory



Circus Rose

Hydrangea & Rose

Pretty in Pink

Orange Cream


Roses & Feathers

Coral Ombre

(requires $50 upgrade)

Lavender Calla

(requires $50 upgrade)

Hot Hot Hot!

Orange Swirl


Snow White

Pink Peony

avail in may/june only