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Aisle Markers


Live floral aisle markers are a budget-friendly way to add fragrance and color to your wedding site. Our aisle markers are designed to do double-duty at your reception as table decor. This keeps things simple, easy and inexpensive. We even offer an option for coordinating the delivery of your florals from the ceremony site to the reception venue. We have tons of fun, creative ideas to add your personality to your bridal path. Email Ren at for a FREE QUOTE!

Grapevine Wreaths
Coral Globe
Eucalyptus Vines
Bucket of Roses
Coral Globe Aisle
Babies Breath
Sunflower Mason Jar
White & Green Bucket
Cotton & Tulle
Spider Mum Pomander
Vintage Daisy
Tulip Dahlia Shells
orange crespidia jar
Single Rose w/Ribbon
Pom Pom Kissing Ball
Peach & Daisy Globe
Red Rose & Green Hydrangea
Hot Pink Mason Jar
Sunflower Raffia
Rose Pew Marker
Mason Jar Sand & Starfish
Green Hydrangea
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